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New Leadership Delivering Results for ALL OF Our Community

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Dovid is a 3rd generation Lakewood resident. His grandfather was a talmid of Rav Aharon Kotler Zatzal. His father was born in Lakewood in Paul Kimball hospital and Dovid has been living in Lakewood his entire life. He studied in BMG for 9 Years. Dovid is married with 3 children and is a homeowner in Somerset Walk. He is proud to own his own business that is headquartered right here in Lakewood's industrial park.

Growing up in Lakewood Dovid has seen much change in this town. He remembers driving on Route 9 South 15 years ago in middle of the day with no traffic. Lakewood is a beautiful town with a lot to offer and is a great place to live and raise a family. Dovid would like to show our residents just how much better it can be. Make Lakewood Greater Again!

Dovid’s agenda would include lowering property tax, promoting traffic solutions that include opening, widening and resurfacing our current roads and reassessing any new zoning changes in order to control density without denying homeownership opportunities.

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